Ooma Telo Review – A Techie Perspective

Before looking at Ooma Telo review, let me tell you that I’m a VoIP techie and have always looked for a way to save some money in my monthly bills. I have been using  VoIP phone since 2008, since my sister lives in Taiwan and my family lives in Indonesia. We’re using a broadband connection, a connection to a VoIP provider ( I use voipbuster.com ), and a Linksys Analogue Telephone Adapter. It’s one of the most complex setup and the way you set it up will affect the quality of service from your service provider. This VoIP configuration is similar if you use OBiTALK or VOIPO, only that their configuration setup are simpler than mine.  The pictures below are my VoIP phone and a screenshot of the setup page of the device.

Linksys ATAOoma Telo

From my experience of using this kind of VoIP phone service, where you have to get yourself a VoIP service provider like Anveo, Callcentric, Localphone, VoIP.ms, and many more, you have to be able to make the proper setup, if you want the device to be able to work in its peak performance, which is quite complicated if you’re clueless about VoIP. For example, there is a parameter in the setting namely preferred codec to set how much quality of voice you would want without downgrading  your daily internet use performance. It takes some trial and error before you know exactly the proper setting. The phone adapter itself is quite cheap, but you should have the skill to make the proper setup. The setup guide from the service provider is pretty simple, but in my case I can dig tweaking the performance. In case of voipbuster, the service provider that I’ve been using for about 6 years, the only disadvantage I often experience is dropped calls which occurs without obvious cause.

So, if you do not want to mess around with the setup problem, there is only two options left, namely  MagicJack and Nettalk Duo, but I don’t think you would opt for them because almost half of the reviewers rate it as a 1-star at Amazon, or dissatisfied due to many issues involved. Among them was the company put the customers on the five year plan without consent and never stated in the commercial, and there is no way to contact them to change anything. Another case was a customer trying to renew his account was rejected and they still charged him one dollar for cancelling his account and some people say that the setup process is pretty clunky and not intuitive, and somewhat hit-and-miss sound quality. Even though they now have a new version out called MagicJack GO and might have better customer support, it’s still better to buy from a company with a clean reputation, isn’t it? Since Nettalk Duo has similar device with MajicJack, it would perform more or less the same with MajicJack and I won’t elaborate more on it.


Now , how about Ooma? What is Ooma?

In case you don’t know, Ooma offers intelligent little devices that can save you hundreds on phone bills. Similar to Vonage, Magic Jack, Obi, and a host of other companies that offer Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, the Ooma devices enable you to use your internet connection into a home phone with little added cost.

If you read the reviews on Amazon, most of the customers are excited to tell you how happy they are with their service. The call quality is excellent, especially when compared to its competitors. Ooma is straightforward with their descriptions about service and fees and without any contracts. Furthermore, what is so great about the Ooma network is that you only have to pay government regulatory fees to use their phone system. For most people that is going to cost about $4 per month and you can look up the Ooma rates for your area on Ooma’s site . Ooma gives me the freedom of no contracts, lower monthly bills, ease of use and unbeatable voice clarity without you ever need tweaking it. In my opinion, for a long-term, money-saving solution it is the clear winner. If I live in the US, I will certainly replace my voipbuster service provider with Ooma Telo. Hope my explanation helps you choose your best landline replacement.

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Ooma Telo VoIP Features

Ooma Features










Above is a breakdown of the functions you obtain free with the Ooma telo VoIP home phone system solution in addition to the innovative functions that are allowed with the Ooma Premier solution. The Premier functions cost an additional $9.99/ month (no commitment), however each purchase consists of a complimentary 60 day test so you have the ability to check it on your own prior to being needed to pay.


Here’s a chart comparing Basic and Premier


What you will certainly like most regarding the Ooma Telo is that it is collaborates with any type of corded or cordless phone as well as is very easy to configure as it does not need a computer system. Every little thing you require for setup is covered (besides a standard landline telephone) and also it supports voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting, and also 911 right from the box.

You have the option to port your existing number for an additional fee. Unfortunately, this is rather costly at a $39.99 one-time charge. The most disappoint aspect of the porting process is that it takes 3-4 weeks to complete and in the meantime you must keep your current home phone service active. Anyone who is looking to use the Telo for faxing purposes, you’re in luck as it is unofficially supported although this means Ooma can’t guarantee that it will work properly in all cases.

Ooma Telo Review

You have the alternative to port your already existing number for an added charge. Regrettably, this is instead pricey at a $39.99 one-time cost. One of the most dissatisfied aspect of the porting procedure is that it takes 3-4 weeks to finish and also in the meanwhile you need to keep your present home phone service active. Any individual that is seeking to utilize the Telo for faxing objectives, you’re in good luck as it is unofficially supported although this indicates Ooma can not ensure that it will certainly function effectively in all instances.

Thank you for visiting this site and hope you find it useful. CLICK HERE to find out where to get the best deal on Ooma Telo and more info on Ooma Telo Review.


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